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What Patients Are Saying

Mary F

I was extremely hesitant to go to physical therapy again when suggested by my primary care doctor. My experience with physical therapy has never been that great. All of the therapists used “text book” exercises but never provided exercises to my specific needs (which have never been text book) in a way that provided benefit to me. I figured I’d spent so much of my own money and the money of insurance companies with little or no results that it just wasn’t worth the time and effort. I finally caved in and decided to give it a try with Sharon Tatum. The depth of questions she went into taking my medical history to understand how the problem could have originally started and how it had gotten to where it is today was incredible. We were also able to do a virtual physical exam and I was amazed at the pinpoint accuracy of what she saw. She was able to determine where and explained why I was experiencing pain based on the information I had provided and the virtual medical exam. I have never had a physical therapist go into such depth previously and was not only astounded but pleasantly surprised by Sharon’s thoroughness. Finally, someone who actually wanted to help me instead of just going through the motions. She has provided exercises for me and several version of them so that I am able to perform them depending on the level of pain I am experiencing. The mere fact that she provided the different versions of the exercises has proven to me that she definitely wants to do what is best for me. In my opinion the physical therapy I received from Sharon has been far superior to many of the physical therapy practices that are out there. I have already experienced some of the benefits due to the different versions provided by her by limiting the pain experienced while doing the exercises and still receiving the benefits of the exercise. Sharon Tatum is far superior to any of the many therapists I have seen in the past. I feel fortunate to have found her and am sure there will be many lasting benefits to working with her.

Gaurang S

Sharon is very knowledgeable and exhibits true expertise as a Physical Therapist. She is very caring and thoughtful in her approach to treatment. She made a difference in my life in treating me for back and neck issues as well as tendinitis in my shoulder. She ensured that she understood my specific issues by listening and being patient as we created a customized exercise and rehabilitation plan which included regular follow-ups and she always made herself available regardless of her busy schedule. Additionally, I was very impressed with her depth of knowledge in explaining my shoulder MRI (related to my Tendinosis) report. Other than being a great therapist, She is a wonderful person. I believe I am a lifelong patient of hers. Thank you!!

Nancy M

Can’t thank you enough for all you have done for me! Your great patience, kindness and understanding. I could go on and on with the wonderful gifts that the Lord has given you in working with people! I think most importantly, the Lord’s love you show everyone.

Cindy B

Thank you so much for your help and support. Your kind words of encouragement and positive comments kept me going. I’ve made a lot of progress thanks to you!


Thanks so much for your great work with my son. We appreciate your careful observations and your communication with us.


I cannot speak highly enough about Sharon’s professional knowledge and patient care. I used Sharon for my PT over the past 5 years for various recoveries from surgeries. She is always up to date and knowledgeable on the latest developments to ease pain and expedite the recovery process. She took her time to evaluate my specific issues and needs. She helped educate me on ways to strengthen my muscles and correct hip and back issues that were out of alignment. There were times where she would research and find new devices that she would purchase and use to assist in my exercises/recovery. It helped me so much that I had purchased a few devices to have at home so I can continue exercises even after my PT treatment was completed. There was a time when my vehicle insurance only allowed me to go to a specific PT. Once that was exhausted and my health insurance picked up Therapy; I then went back to Sharon. I felt Sharon takes a personal interest in each of her patients.

Sandy D

Crying in pain every day was a way of life for me. Then came the surgery and a whole new level of pain was discovered. There were days I didn't care if I ever walked again as long as I didn't have to suffer anymore. But Sharon and all the wonderful, encouraging staff here changed all that. I'm running and doing steps pain free now! Their patience, persistence and expertise has healed me. I've been to other PT's over the years, but I won't go anywhere but here in the future. They REALLY care!!

Karen L

I arrived here with pain in my left knee. It would keep me from climbing steps one at a time, pulling or pushing carts, just turning my foot to the side when sleeping would cause pain. With the plan Sharon put together and each week {CANT READ}



Alex P


Jennifer K

When I started PT I could barely turn my head or move my shoulder. I had poor posture and was in constant pain. My week with Sharon has improved {CANT READ}


I came to Sharon about 3 months after a calf muscle tear in my left leg, and plantar fasciitis in my right. At the time it was painful to walk with my right heel pain, and the left leg was in sorry shape also. After a few setbacks, I must say that all the patience and guidance that my therapist Sharon gave to me, I as of today, feel better than I have had in the last 6 months. I can walk 90% pain free, I can get on the ice to coach my ice hockey team, I feel I can do anything now, like prior to my injury. I had a great experience during my time with my therapist Sharon. Thanks Sharon!


I came to Sharon {CANT READ}






Thank you so much for months of successful PT! I am so grateful for your patience and expertise.


Thanks so much for coming to {CANT READ}